CAIF 2019

Main contents

- Successful cases of long-distance air pollution resolution for cross border pollution

- What to do with long-distance air pollution in Asia.

- Air pollution movement by citizens around the world

- Operation of exhibition booths such as promotional materials and agendas by related                  organizations

- Dinner hosted by related organizations, foreign speakers, etc


Event overview


09.19 (Thursday) 13:00-18:00 / Convention Hall and Conference Room on the 3rd floor of Suwon Convention Center

Important people

Domestic and foreign environmental experts and organizations, civic activists and ordinary people interested in environmental issues

Size of participation

Around 600 people


Gyeonggi Provincial Government / (Re) Environmental Foundation, Korea Energy Climate and Environmental Council


A Study on the Establishment of Clean Air Breathing Community by East Asian Citizens






Ⅰ.opening ceremony

Opening and Opening Speech

- Choi Yeol, chairman of the Environmental Foundation
- Professor Dong Jong-in of Seoul National University,                    chairman of the organizing committee of K-CIPEC

10:15~10:20A Welcome Speech

1st Deputy Governor of Gyeonggi-do Province

10:20~10:35A Speech of Congratulation

Deputy Director of Environment, Second Vice President of Suwon,
Bae Soo-moon, a member of the Gyeonggi Provincial 

Council, etc.


Keynote Address(2 people)

- UNEP Isabel Lewis, deputy director of the Asia

- Thailand regional headquarters.- UNOSD Director Yoon Jong-soo

A Luncheon
Ⅱ. forum

Sub-Ministry of Environment

- Measures to solve domestic emission sources of fine dust

(The senior person present) Professor Yoon Soon-chang of Seoul National University

(Speaker) Professor Kim Soon-tae of Ajou University


- associate professor, Wu jing, china

   Talengsak Pecisuwan Talerngsak Petchsuwan, Thailand –

- undersecretary, Ali. H. Omar ,the United States

- Cambodia YIM Raksmey Vice Chief Officer

- Lee Jung-yong, head of the Department of Environment's          standby management

- Kim Jae-hoon, Director of the Environmental Bureau of                Gyeonggi-do Province

Break (time)

The second term

- Solutions to foreign sources of fine dust

(the senior person present) Kim Dong-young, head of the Gyeonggi Research Institute

(speaker) Director Marco Keiner of Switzerland


-Coat of arms of Khorolmaa Gombosuren, Mongolia

- Deputy Director-General Vanhna PHANPHONGSA, Laos-            Professor Matthew A. Shapiro of the United States.Malaysia      Marshitah Darus Chief

- Director General Kwon Se-jung of the Ministry of Foreign            Affairs, Climate Change, Environment and Diplomacy

Break time

The Third Session

- Air pollution movement by citizens around the world

(The senior Person Present) Professor Yoon Soon-jin of Seoul National University


- Researcher Dang Espita-Casanova, Philippines
- Professor ABU Naser MD Wahid, Bangladesh
- Professor Hye-Sook Park of Japan
- Chairman of Green Trust Deuk-hyun
- Director Ji Hyun-young of the Environmental Foundation           Fine Dust Center

Special Session

- Roundtable meeting for clean 

    atmosphere of Gyeonggi-do residents

Ⅲ. Closing ceremony

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