CAIF 2021

CAIF 2021 Event Information

The Clean Air International Forum is a place to establish an East Asian community for air pollution improvement. Gyeonggi Province, with UNEP, will host this forum and celebrate the Day of Blue Sky. Also, through co-hosting with EANET∙APCAP, we will discuss the improvement of air quality in a professional way.

Event Description

At a time when the world is groaning due to air pollution

such as the climate crisis and fine dust,

the 2021 Clean Air Forum was held under the theme of

“Turning on the Blue Future, ON-AIR”.

The blue sky and the clear atmosphere

have become a dreamy wish that we should find.

This Gyeonggi residents’ roundtable is a very meaningful

place for residents, in which they participate in person,

build a consensus, and discuss the improvement.

We hope that Gyeonggi Province will cooperate

with UNEP and East Asian countries and environmental

experts for a clean air atmosphere to achieve progressive results.

2021 Clean Air International Forum
September 6th,2021(Mon)-September 9th,2021(Thur)
Suwon Convention Center 3F, Convention Hall and Conference room
Suwon Convention Center
Korean Ministry of Environment
Hybrid(Both Online and Offline)On-Site Broadcasting

Establishment of the East Asian Community to deal with the air pollution that crosses borders

EANET Air Atmosphere Recognition Forum

[Session 1]Clean Air Roundtable for Gyeonggi Citizen

[Session 2]UNEP Joint Study on Air Quality in Seoul Metropolitan Area

[Session 3]Academic Session of the Institute of Air Environment

[Session 4]APCAP Joint Forum-Sustainable E-mobility and Air Pollution

[Session 5]APCAP Joint Forum-Summary and Closing

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